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The debut episode of this new series from Travel Channel served as a good introduction to the phenomenon of Bigfoot for the novices out there. It covered all the bases. Is Bigfoot a relic hominid, like Gigantopithecus? Do Bigfeet live underground? Is Bigfoot really an alien? There were some credible individuals featured in the program, too. Ken Gerhard, Nick Redfern. But then they had to ruin it and lose their credibility by including Justin Smegma. Smegma—oh, sorry, I mean Smeja–is a fake and a conman. Why does anybody continue to give this charlatan the time of day?

They did some legitimate Science, testing the water from a stream in an area where Bigfoot had supposedly been sighted for unidentifiable DNA. And they found some. They recovered a DNA sample that was mostly human but not quite. That is a legitimate find, but no serious scientist will ever give it any consideration because the guy who claimed to have seen the Bigfoot in the first place was Smegma! This guy taints any investigation he’s associated with because of his reputation. They seriously need to tell him to take a hike if they want to maintain any degree of professionalism and legitimacy.

The Evil Cheezman • April 16, 2019

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