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They Don’t Look Like What You Think They Look Like

We all know what dinosaurs look like, down to the specific species. We know what sabertooths looked like, and direwolves, and all the other extinct animals. All the prominent ones, at any rate. Except it’s possible some of them, or all of them didn’t really look like what we think. The problem is that with the vast majority of extinct animals, all we have to go by in terms of how they looked is their bones. We don’t have skin; we don’t have musculature. We have teeth and bones. That’s why the dinosaurs in JURASSIC PARK didn’t have feathers, but in the later movies, the dinosaurs are depicted with feathers. Because they found fossils after the first movie came out that had feathers, and so we had to reevaluate what they might have looked like.

Some of the alternative possibilities for what some well-known extinct animals might’ve looked like are downright terrifying. Maybe it’s just because they’re so alien, because we aren’t used to them. But check out what an elephant, a zebra, and a rhinoceros might be judged to look like, if all we had to go by were their bones. Would you have recognized what they were at all? Look at that alternate-version baboon. How freaky is THAT? Like, straight out of a nightmare freaky!

Actually, throw some fur on it, and you’ve got a good representation of a cryptid “Devil Monkey.”

The Evil Cheezman • January 16, 2018

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