werewolf, werewolves and lycans


Mathilda lay in perfect darkness, listening. She could hear the Beast chewing on its leg. Her heart pounded like a drum, and every beat caused the pain in her leg to flare up anew. She trembled, cold. She waited.

“Comin’ home, Lord,” she whispered.

A skittering near her head.


A familiar voice inside her head.

“Oscar,” she said.

“You’re dying, Tillie. Take the Ju-Ju off me before you die. You promised.”

Mathilda lifted her hand, drawing a strange design in the darkness. Not seeing it. Not needing to see.

“I turn you loose now, Oscar,” Mathilda wheezed. “You is free.”

“Free!” She heard the scrambling of small feet on stone, the clicking of tiny claws, and laughter. “Free!”

“We’s even now, Oscar,” Mathilda said. “We both can go on home.” She smiled, and closed her eyes.

* * *

The Evil Cheezman • June 30, 2019

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