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There’s a New Werewolf Trend and it Involves Babies

It’s true, there is a huge werewolf trend sweeping the nation – Apparently every other new parent out there is naming their newborn babies after werewolves. Seriously, this year’s big trend is naming your child after a big bad werewolf.

According to Social Security Administration records, Jacob was the most popular name for boys this year. And as everyone in the universe knows, Jacob is the name of a werewolf in the ridiculously popular Twilight series of books and movies.

But it doesn’t end at just Jacob, other Twilight werewolves were on the top 100 baby name list of 2010 – Quil, Embry, Seth and Paul were all there.

And I’m not done yet, for it doesn’t stop at Twilight, in fact, Tyler and Mason, werewolves from the show The Vampire Diaries, were also on the top 100 list.

However, none of the True Blood werewolves made the list, no Alcide babies.

Now, is this really a werewolf trend or are people looking WAY too much into this? I mean, most of the names mentioned above are very common, totally normal names. Just because they happen to be the names of popular werewolves doesn’t mean that that’s why parents chose them. After all, Jacob has been the most popular boy name for 10 years now.

What do you guys think? Is it really a werewolf trend, or are people stupidly tying werewolves to it?

Also, how do you feel about naming your child after your favorite fictional character? Is it a good idea or bad? Personally, I don’t think it’s a bad idea if you really love the character and the name. However, I wouldn’t name my kid after a super popular character with a boring name just like everyone else. Because first off, I love unique names and second, having the same name as so many others sucks! Trust me, I was once one of four Amanda’s in the same classroom. It was awful.

– Moonlight

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moonlight • December 11, 2010

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