The Zombie Polar Bear

I wrote on over at our sister site VAMPIRES.COM about how I decided to watch all the GAME OF THRONES episodes—and only those episodes—featuring the Night King, the White Walkers, and the Wights. I knew I’d be getting lots of dragon action, too, including a zombie dragon. The zombie polar bear, however, came as a complete surprise to me.

I will safely assume that everyone who watched the series already knows what I’m talking about, so I’ll pen this one specifically for the people like me, people who aren’t GAME OF THRONES marks. In the seventh season of the show, in the episode “Beyond the Wall”, Jon Snow and his friends have gone out into the polar wastes, or “beyond the wall” in GOT-speak, to catch a zombie. Excuse me, a “Wight.” That’s what they call zombies in that universe. On the way, before they catch up to their quarry, they encounter a dead polar bear. The leader of the White Walkers—essentially icy vampires, sans the blood-drinking—the Night King, can resurrect dead things. (Hence the Wights.) At some point he had Wight-ed a dead polar bear.

You know how Scott Derrickson said he’d like to make a Horror movie set on the STAR WARS world of Hoth, presumably featuring the Wampa? Howzabout somebody also creates a Horror flick set in the GOT world featuring only the Wightbear? The bear got way too little screen time as far as I’m concerned.

By The Evil Cheezman

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