The Wolfstone

Long ago in the Fichtel Mountains of Germany a shepherd had gotten fed up with the local wolves carrying off his sheep. One day a particularly large wolf came to snatch up some of his livestock – this is when he acquired the services of the best hunter in town.

This huntsman was known to have an incredible shot; the man never missed his mark. But when the colossal wolf returned to take another lamb, try as he might, not a single one of his shots took the beast down.

The very next morning the suspicious shepherd noticed that an elderly woman, a woman believed to be a wicked sorceress, was limping. When he asked about her injury she snapped at him angrily that it was none of his business and hurried away. Suspecting that the women may have transformed into the wolf he reported her, and the old hag was interrogated, flogged and chained securely. But when the prison guards checked in on her the next morning they found that she had completely disappeared, leaving nothing behind but empty chains.

A few days later the shepherd spotted the same wolf, but this time she wasn’t after a tasty leg of lamb, she was there to get revenge on the damned shepherd. The wolf attacked and would have killed the shepherd had the huntsman not come across the two. This time the hunter didn’t use a bullet, but a silver knife instead. The silver blade wounded the werewolf and the moment the blood began to flow the creature began transforming back into the old woman who was writhing in pain.

The two men dealt the final blows, killing the werewolf. They then buried her twenty feet beneath the ground and placed an incredibly large stone on top of the grave – this stone was then known as the Wolf Stone.

Even though the werewolf was dead and buried the locals claimed that strange phenomena continued to manifest in the area surrounding the werewolf’s grave.

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