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The Wolfman in US

I wasn’t sure at first whether the mask worn by the little boy in Jordan Peele’s US was meant to represent the Wolfman or Chewbacca. A little careful scrutiny confirmed for me that it was indeed a representation of the classic Universal Monster. We know that Jordan Peele is a Horror fan. As he has stated conclusively that everything done in his latest film is intentional, we can safely conclude that he is also a Monsterkid. We can then move on to discussing why he chose the Wolfman instead of Dracula, Frankenstein, or one of the others. I would guess he found the themes represented by the Wolfman, that of dualism and a divided nature, more in keeping with the theme of his film. If you’ve seen it—and if you haven’t, you should—you no doubt can see the parallels for yourself.

The amusement park depicted in the movie is the same amusement park where THE LOST BOYS was filmed, and in fact the movie is referenced in US, although not by name. So we’ve got homages to vampires and werewolves. Oh, and JAWS. The same little boy who wears the Wolfman mask sports a JAWS T-shirt. This movie has serious Horror history cred.

The Evil Cheezman • March 29, 2019

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