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The Witherell House, the Seventh Son, and Jeffery Dahmer

Pay attention, as this one can get a tad labyrinthine. (Not really. I just wanted to take advantage of an opportunity to use the word “labyrinthine.”) There’s an old house located in Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin. (Fon du Lac? Does that translate into “Fondue Lake” in French or something? Or does it mean “fond of lakes,” which is something that most people in Wisconsin are, I would imagine. Is Wisconsin the “land of 10,000 lakes” I’ve heard tell of? No, that’s Minnesota. What about Land O’Lakes butter? Where’s that from, Wisconsin or Minnesota? I know Wisconsin does cheese. Do they do butter too? Seems reasonable.) This house, the Witherell House, is alleged to be haunted by the ghost of a little girl who murdered her parents, or by the ghosts of the parents, or by all three. It isn’t true. No such crime occurred.

The house *was* owned at one point by the medical examiner who worked on the Jeffery Dahmer case, though. Is that why the rumors of a haunting have become so persistent and alluring that the house is plagued by a history of vandalism? Or is it the personal history of the man who built the house, Colonel Elihu Phillips? Phillips, a seventh son believed to possess the gift of healing (werewolf marks will also note that such a sequential birth can mean one is cursed to suffer from Lycanthropy), had lived a life marked by tragedy by the time he constructed the house in 1853. Why this would have sparked legends of a curse or haunting, though, is unknown.

Today no one lives in the Witherell House but it is private property and trespassers are regularly arrested, so if you are in the area, just stop to take a picture from the road.

The Evil Cheezman • April 18, 2019

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