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The Witherell House and the Cult of Weird

You may recall the article I posted some time back about the Witherell House in Wisconsin and its connection to Jeffery Dahmer. There *should* have been a link in that article. When I pull it up on my computer, there is one. But I was contacted recently by Charlie Hintz over at the Cult of Weird who said that he didn’t see it and requested that I make sure to include one. This post, then, this one you’re reading right now, is meant to correct any oversights or technical flubs with the previous one. Please check out Charlie’s original report on the Witherell House for Cult of Weird and his portfolio as well. Charlie also deserves the credit for the photograph accompanying this article, and that other one.

I don’t have any tolerance for plagiarism, so the idea that I could have been unintentionally guilty of it galls me to no end. Since I did include a link on my end, I’m going to put the blame on the failures of technology. Still, this needs to be put right. To make it perfectly clear, then, yes, I got the information I shared with you from the article by Charlie Hintz on Cult of Weird. Credit where credit is due.

The Evil Cheezman • February 13, 2020

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