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The Wild Man of Ontario

In January of 1914, there was a “wild man” on the loose near Kenosha, Ontario. 

There are three possibilities where reports of “wild man” sightings are concerned. One, the sighting is a hoax, or the report is, or the former is a case of mistaken identity and the latter is simply spreading the disinformation. The second possibility, and the one that usually comes to mind, is that the person who reported the original sighting had an encounter with a Bigfoot/Sasquatch-type creature. The third possibility is equally intriguing: that the sighting is of a “feral” human, a “wild man” in the truest sense of the term.

What might cause a human being to run off to the wilderness, living like an animal, or close to it? Severe misanthropy, possibly. (There’ve been days when I’ve felt tempted.) A more likely reason might be mental defect. Consider this: In bygone days, a deranged individual runs off into the woods, roaming around and shrieking, frightening the rustic people unlucky enough to encounter him, preying on their livestock to fill his belly. He might even, if his mental illness is bad enough, attack the people and not just their animals. Would not such an individual surely have been classified as a werewolf?

source: mysteriousuniverse.org


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