The Werewolves of Greifswald

GreifswaldCenturies old records from towns and cities throughout Europe often mention infestations of some sort of supernatural foe. Sometimes it was vampires, other times it was demons or evil spirits, and of course, some times it was werewolves.

Records from 1640 show that the German city of Greifswald was once completely overrun by gruesome werewolves. The werewolf population become so overwhelming and so large that it took over then entire city, working outward from the main square in Rokover Street. Any human dumb enough to walk around after sunset was doomed to a horrible death by the claws and fangs of the local werewolves.

According to the story of this city, it says that finally a brave group of students decided they were sick of being cowards and sick being fearful of leaving their homes at night. One night they all got together and readied themselves to give the blasted werewolves a hell of a fight. Not a wise move on their part. While they had courage and guts, their weak human power was nothing compared to the great power and strength of the werewolves. Lets just say the once metaphysical guts they had, well, they ended up all over the street.

After that colossal failure one smart boy came up with a better idea for their second go at the lycanthropes. He suggested that they collect all of their silver buttons, silver belt buckles, goblets, jewelry, forks, spoons and so forth and melt them down into silver bullets for their muskets and pistols. This time they had weapons and so they went out into the night to once again, this time properly prepared and attack the fearsome werewolves that had taken over their home. This time around they slaughtered the werewolves and saved the city of Greifswald from their evil control.

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  1. In the fictional twilight series, the werewolves can turn into wolves by either will or emotion, heal quickly, and cannot be damaged by silver bullets, what if they are like humans and evolve?-Wait, do you even believe in werewolves?

  2. ^
    twilight kind of changed what werewolves are and if you read all the books you would know that they are really shapeshifters not really werewolves. and if werewolves were real (and I kind of hope they are and sorta wish to become one) then they would probably evolve but it would take a long loooooooooong time for that to happen

  3. I like this story. but I think you are missing a few parts. Any ways, do you really want to live forever like a stinky dog?

  4. I dont really think you should compare twilight to this kinda stuff. I mean my ancestors are from germany and some say that it’s passed through the blood. Some of my family members say they are real and claim to be one, not that I believe them, exept my granpa who is really hairy :). But some legends say werewolves are also prophets and can see the future. I don’t know much abouot the stuff but alot of wierd stuff has been happening latly thats making me think twice about the werewolf thing. I need help, real help. Please.

  5. Ya’ll are dumb. Or maybe you just like luring children into your basements and during unspeakable things to them. But hey, if you’re into rape/cannibalism, werewolves are “were” it’s at.

    Vampires and werewolves are how the ancient world viewed serial killers. Notice how, after Jack the Ripper and Spring heeled Jack, they vanished from worldly court accounts?

    The “Brooklyn Vampire,” “The Wysteria Werewolf…” “The Boogeyman.” Was albert fish. Look him up and see if that’s really the kind of person you want to be.

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