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The Werewolves In Twilight

newmoonpackWerewolves are getting a big boost in popularity lately and the second Twilight movie, New Moon is on the minds of all.  With that in mind, today’s post is of course about the Twilight werewolves. Yay! While most go on and on about the vampires in Twilight, this post will focus on the werewolf parts of the story only.

Warning: Spoilers!!!
Twilight: In this first book we meet the young Jacob Black. Jacob is a teenager living on a Native American reservation at La Push, Washington. He is part of the Quileutes tribe and one of their tribal legends says that they descended from wolves. They say that their ancestors could turn from man to wolf. It is still taboo in the tribe to kill any wolf and vampires are their enemies. Jacob thinks that this is nothing but a silly old story.

New Moon:
In this book Jacob learns that the tribal legends are true and he has to come to terms with the fact that he is now a werewolf himself. The first time he shifts was the most terrifying thing he has ever experienced. Luckily the other werewolves in the pack can speak to him telepathically and that helped him through it. This is the book where Bella and Jacob get much closer to one another. Part of the wolf pack’s responsibility is to keep vampires off their land, Bella is nearly killed when the pack kills a vampire that was with her.
Eclipse: In this book the werewolves reluctantly team up with Edward and the rest of his vampire family to defeat a small group of evil vampires that have come to town. Since Jacob loves Bella he wants to do whatever he can to keep her safe. Of course, the evil vampires are destroyed. Throughout the book we learn the Bella loves Jacob too, but not as much as she loves vampire Edward. Poor wolf.

Breaking Dawn: In this book we get a different look into the world of the werewolves since a few chapters are from Jacob Black’s point of view. One big point is when Jacob and the pack learn that Bella is pregnant with Edward’s baby. The fear is that this baby will be a freak and incredibly destructive. The pack then votes to kill the baby and Bella. Jacob obviously disagrees and leaves the pack. He forms a new pack with Leah  and her brother in which Jacob is the leader. Jacob is there when Bella’s baby is born and a crazy thing happens, Jacob imprints with the baby (named Renesmee). Imprinting is an involuntary act in which a werewolf bonds with his or her soul mate.

And there’s your quick and simple overview of the werewolf bits in the Twilight Saga.

– Moonlight

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moonlight • November 21, 2009

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