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The Werewolf Spider of the Amazon

First things first: does the title of this article not sound like the title of an ah-maz-ing 50s B-movie? Too bad that movie was never made. Then again, it’s not too late. Some modern-day genius like Larry Blamire (THE LOST SKELETON OF CADAVRA series) could still have a go at it. But on to the meat of the article.

Nature sure can get creative. If a platypus is God having a little fun, what would that make the Metagryne bicolumnata? Recently discovered in Ecuador, the Metagryne bicolumnata, commonly known as the “bunny harvestman,” is actually a variety of Granddaddy Longlegs, so is not a true spider. (For my money, if it has eight legs and looks like a spider, it’s a spider.) But the “bunny” part? Really? There are people who think that looks like a rabbit? Get outta here! That one guy who suggested it should be named after the Sirius Black character in Harry Potter got closer to the mark. That is clearly the head of a black dog or a wolf affixed atop the spindly legs of the beast.

Because it isn’t venomous, scientists theorize that it evolved its frightening appearance to deter predators from messing with it. Do you find it frightening? Or adorable? Something in between the two extremes?

The Evil Cheezman • November 23, 2018

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