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The Werewolf Handbook by Robert Curran

While scanning the occult and supernatural section at my local bookstore I came across a must-have werewolf book – The Werewolf Handbook: An Essential Guide to Werewolves and, More Importantly, How to Avoid Them by Robert Curran!  The book is packed full of excellent and well-researched werewolf folklore and history. I am a huge fan of Curran’s books (I own a couple of them), they are always flawlessly researched and incredibly informative. Plus, like his other books, this handbook is also full of amazing artwork. Love!

Product Description:
“Werewolves are more popular than ever–thanks largely to recent film hits–and this highly entertaining new title tells readers everything they’ve ever wanted to know about those terrifying preternatural members of the canis lupus family. Newcomers to werewolf lore will be surprised to learn that there are many different werewolf varieties. Alphas are the leaders, and Betas are unwilling but deadly members of a werewolf pack. But there are also Benandanti, holy men who change into wolves in order to do battle with witches . . . and Loup-garoux, werewolves who can change from man to wolf even during daylight hours. The more ordinary werewolves achieve their terrible transformations from man to beast only by the light of the Moon. Author Robert Curran also notes that Christopher, the mysterious saint venerated in the Roman Catholic Church, has many werewolf characteristics. In addition, this book tells readers where werewolves live, describes their telltale traits, such as hairy palms, advises on how to avoid becoming a werewolf, and gives tips on what werewolf victims should do when they are attacked. More than 100 moody and atmospheric color illustrations accompany this intensely readable text.”

From the back cover:
“If you are a cautious backpacker or lone traveler, and think you might find yourself forced to spend time in remote forests, desolate mountains, creepy moors, or ancient ruins, this is the guidebook you’ve been looking for. Packed with advice on what to do if you should come face-to-jaws with a werewolf, this handy little book also offers detailed stories of human encounters with werewolves. And be sure to check the back of the book for a special quiz that tests your werewolf knowledge.”

Next payday I am totally buying this book! What about you guys, what do you think?

– Moonlight

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moonlight • March 9, 2011

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