The Werewolf Cult Chronicles

The Werewolf Cult Chronicles is a series of short werewolf movies dreamed up by a man by the name of J. Pingo Lindstrom from Sweden. Lindstrom had the idea to create the films in 2000 and so far, three of the films have already been released. Not only are they released but you don’t even need to go to the theater or rent them to watch them. All of the released films are available to watch at The idea began as five films, but due to Lindstrom’s love for the project, and no doubt some more ideas that he had, the series has now been turned into seven films. Here is a short breakdown of each of the films that has been released so far.

This movie tells the story of some soldiers that receive a distress signal from a military base. When they arrive on the scene, there are only two survivors at the camp. These survivors explain that there used to be many more of them, but the others were captured by a hairy beast. All of them except for a Dr. White, who is still somewhere ‘out there.’ The soldiers and the survivors all gear up for going on the hunt for Dr. White. But who knows what is waiting for them…

Vietnam 1969
This is currently the most popular of the Werewolf Cult Chronicles. It outlines the story of three soldiers that are trying to chase down a man who once worked for the CIA but has now betrayed his country. While the soldiers try to hunt down the traitor, they must avoid being chased down themselves….by werewolves!

Monsters of the Purple Twilight
In this movie from the series, London has just been hit with a bomb from Germany. They retaliate but one of the soldiers isn’t your ordinary soldier. Not only does he need to fight the Germans, but he also needs to control the beast within himself….

There are going to be four more movies released but due to budget constraints and the fact that all the directors and Lindstrom himself are currently busy with other projects, we’ll be waiting a little while longer before we even hear of the titles for these movies.

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