The Werewolf Capitol of South America

The vast majority of werewolf sightings took place over a hundred years ago, back in a time when people were much more superstitious than they are now. There just aren’t many reported these days. However, in Tauá, Ceará, Brazil there have been quite a few werewolf sightings reported in the past few years, so many in fact that Tauá has been labeled the Werewolf Capitol of South America.

On Monday, July 7, 2008, on the night of a new moon, a woman reported seeing a werewolf near her home – a being that was half-wolf half-man. On the following day, a twelve-year-old boy told police that he also saw a werewolf near his house. That was just the beginning. Even more werewolf reports came flooding in to the local police, reports of werewolves being sighted and of werewolves stealing sheep.

A couple of the witnesses who saw the beasts claimed that the werewolves were hideous and emitted a strong stench that smelled like sulfur.  The priests in the area advised their parishioners to remember their prayers and to keep their crucifixes on them at all times.

The werewolf attacks continued.

On January 28 in São Sepé, Rio Grande do Sul, a woman told police that she had been attacked during the night by a dog that walked on its hind legs like a man. The woman was brought to a doctor where she underwent a medical examination – the wounds were confirmed.

Then, on February 13, a werewolf attempted to grab a woman in São Paulo.

Marcos Sandro Lira, the regional deputy police officer, told journalists investigating the werewolf attacks that it was simply people wearing werewolf masks in attempt to scare the locals so that it would be easier to steal their sheep.

But was it simply men in masks or was it actually werewolves? What do you think?

– Moonlight

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  1. Nope, those are obviously werewolves, but did you find out how bad the wounds on the woman were?

    1. True, but one should keep in mind that hyper-metamorphosis such as that in werewolves probably doesn’t occur in the natural world. Real werewolves are probably just canine-looking bigfoot-like creatures or something. Personally I believe the police… but then again, I don’t see why it couldn’t have been a cover-up. But to what ends I don’t know.

      1. I think she confused a comment. That comment sounds like she is referring to the Hunger Games.
        However I would be interested to know where she read about those “werewolves” down there.
        And if there are so many strange that no one could provide even a picture or a bit of fur, no matter who or what it is.

  2. I think its funny, wolves are not found in South America, and the manned wolf does not count. It a legacy of feral dogs and Spanish and Portuguese conquest.

      1. hay also by the my friend is looking up stuff for vampires do u have any idea were to look for stuff like that? aka im still a werewolf fan from wat she says lol i dont beleive her XD… but ya do u?

  3. i am doing a project and i was wondering if anyone could help find info on where i can find stuff out about werewolves and stuff like that sooooo… hmu kk :) thanks

  4. hay by the way who am i talking to anyways??? i would like to know u so i dont feel weird talking to to some one that i dont know and that i get kinda bored at school typeing all day for thgis stupid project cause its just me doing it so ya lol how is ur day ?? :)

  5. This case was nothing more than thieves who stole goats, sheep etc.. For there was nothing unusual mutilation, killing or bodies. Search for information by the city of Joanópolis SP. Has reports of police officers who witnessed a metamorphosis.

  6. Does anyone else not sleep when theres a full moon? And anybody else have the strangest cold sweat kind of nightmares during a full moon? Well, not all of them are bad. Some of them are awesomly interesting. But I have problems sleeping other nights too. On those nights I wake at 3 am. My mother tells me that is the witching hour. I don’t fight it. I get up and write. I have never been afraid of the dark, and I believe in the possibility of the existance of everything. I love your sight.

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