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The Wendigo in PET SEMATARY

Some folks, when they learned that the upcoming remake of PET SEMATARY would depart from the plot of the original film as well as from the plot of the Stephen King novel upon which both are based, voiced their dismay. I, however, was pleased to hear it. If I simply wanted to watch the exact same movie over again, I’d watch the one from 1989. I’m glad they’re doing something different with the new one. Will it work? We won’t know until we see the finished product. I hope so.

One thing I do hope to see in the new movie is the Wendigo. I had never read the novel. I didn’t know that there was a Wendigo in it. Apparently the Wendigo is responsible for all the freaky stuff that happens in the book, for the dead coming back to life with bad attitudes and such. I’m always up for a good Wendigo story. The new film, despite the one crucial change made to the plot—it is not the little boy who is killed and then resurrected but his older sister—is said to adhere more closely to the novel, and the novel has the Wendigo, so I’m cautiously optimistic that we’ll get to see the monster onscreen.

The Evil Cheezman • February 21, 2019

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