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The Vilkacis

Time again for another wonderful werewolf myth. Woo! This time we’re traveling to a land of rich history, beautiful lakes and dark forests – Lithuania. The vilkacis, which literally means “wolf eyes” is a werewolf that comes from Lithuanian mythology.

The vilkacis is a regular human that has the ability to shapeshift into a wolf, although in some versions of the myth it is said they don’t transform into a wolf but instead their soul leaves their body for a while and enters a wolf’s.

When it comes to turning into a vilkacis the stories vary. In one version of the tale it is said that all you have to do is wait for a full moon and find a tree that’s top branches have grown into the earth, forming an arch. Once you find this tree on the night of a full moon simply stand under the arch and you will be turned into a vilkacis. Easy enough. In other myths, to be a vilkacis you need to wear wolf fur, recite some incantations and you become a wolf. This method is pretty common through Europe, there are a handful of wolf belt stories.

In later times there were stories of German invaders that were vilkacis. They were more like the traditional type of werewolves and they hunted in packs, the pack consisting of their family members. In some of the wealthy werewolf families their servants were also vilkacis as well and would often hunt down and kill everything from cows to wild game for the family.

The vilkacis are believed to be kind and werewolves that keep to themselves, unless threatened. They show no aggression to others and are nothing like the werewolves in film that hunt and kill innocents. But this also varies from story to story, in other versions they are wild beasts, but most say that they are good people.

– Moonlight

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moonlight • February 12, 2010

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