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The Universal Monsters in the Haunted Mansion

Don’t get your hopes up. It’s just an Etsy creation. We aren’t likely to see any of the classic Universal Monsters appearing in the haunted Mansion ride at Disneyworld’s Magic Kingdom anytime soon, considering they are owned by a rival studios. As far as that goes, how come we aren’t seeing the classic Monsters at Universal Studios theme park in Orlando this time of year? Huh? Or year-round, even! They should be there!

*Are* they there? I haven’t been by to see. If they are, nobody has told me.

What’s that? There’s a Universal Monsters Café? Okay, that’s something, at least. It’s enough, in fact, to make me want to visit the park. But what all do they have in there, other than food? Any movie props? Any life-sized statues? I’m seeing nothing but a menu full of overpriced food. Let’s do an image search.

Ah. There we go. The décor is cute. I see a Creature from the Black Lagoon statue. And there’s a rotating sign out front. The Wolfman is holding a pizza. Yeah, I need to go check this place out.

Oh, yeah. Back to the Etsy. Check it out, too. It’s cute. Just not as cute as the Wolfman holding a pizza.

The Evil Cheezman • October 25, 2018

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