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The Ultimate STRANGER THINGS Mash-Up

A big part of the success of Netflix’s STRANGER THINGS has to be its 80s aesthetic. It isn’t necessary to have been a kid in the 80s to appreciate the show, but it sure adds to it if you were. Despite the occasional mild anachronism, which is easy enough to ignore, an 80s kid gets to wallow in sweet nostalgia while enjoying the thrill ride. It’s like being transported back to your childhood, to a time when you were one of those kids. Not Eleven. I daresay none of us had childhoods reminiscent of that of Eleven. But the others, yes. (I’m hoping the new IT movie, which is set in the 80s, will provide a similar vibe to my inner child.)

Know what else is undeniably 80s? Slashers. Born in the 70s–maybe the 60s, if we count Hitchcock’s PSYCHO–the slasher really came into his own in the 80s. Jason, Freddy, Michael. In this sweet mash-up, those icons, and some decidedly non-80s figures, too, like Jigsaw, get transported into the STRANGER THINGS world–even the puppets from the PUPPETMASTER series put in an appearance. As Ash from EVIL DEAD, who also gets a cameo, so succinctly puts it, it’s groovy.

But who the hell let the Leprechaun in there?

The Evil Cheezman • September 10, 2017

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