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The TWIN PEAKS Tree Puppet

Lookah here, dammit. Not all of us can go to the San Diego Comic-Con. It isn’t fair that there’s all this “con-exclusive” stuff being offered there. What about the rest of us? We have to wait and buy it on eBay for some jacked-up price by a “flipper.” (I only this past week became familiar with that term. A “flipper” is someone who buys cool stuff, stuff like you can only get at the SDCC, for the purpose of turning around and selling at the aforementioned eBay at the aforementioned jacked-up price. A flipper doesn’t buy the item for the LOVE like a true fan would. Then again, there’s nothing to keep a true fan from buying two of whatever the item in question happens to be, then keeping one and selling the other for a jacked-up price. This latter type could be called a flipper fanboy, or a fanboy flipper. A “flipboy”? A “fan-per”?)

The official, only-available-at-SDCC TWIN PEAKS brain-on-a-tree, aka the Evolution of the Arm, isn’t JUST going to be available (or have been available—this is grammatically confusing) at the SDCC, though. You can also pre-order one for yourself here. It’s fourteen bucks, which is kinda steep for a string puppet. But it’s the Evolution of the Arm, rendered as a string puppet. And it *was* a SDCC exclusive item, so you have to expect a jacked-up price.

Yes, I ordered it. How could I not? It’s the Evolution of the Arm rendered as a string puppet!

The Evil Cheezman • August 2, 2018

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