The Truth About Wolf Attacks

I love when you guys leave comments on the posts and I read every single one. But I’ll admit it, there are certain comments I have seen that drive me crazy! That’s right – crazy. Here is something I have seen a couple dozen times now, something that annoys me every time:

Person 1: “I want to be a werewolf! Please turn me!”
Person 2: “You don’t want to be a werewolf! Do you want to kill your family?! When you turn your instincts take over and you’ll attack your family, just like a wolf!”

Really guys? Yes, werewolves in books and movies are usually predatory monsters that rip humans to shreds. But telling someone that being a werewolf means that you’re like a wolf and that wolf instincts make them attack humans is just ridiculous. Why? Because real wolves don’t go out of their way to attack humans. Yes, wolf attacks happen, but as a whole wolves stay away from humans.

Do you see where I am going with this? You can’t tell someone that they will have wolf instincts and then in then in your next sentence say that they will destroy their loved ones. It doesn’t make any sense.

Now, I’m not saying that becoming a werewolf won’t make you a monster. It’s possible that werewolves are horrible creatures of death and destruction, just like in the movies. But that has nothing to do with actual wolves and wolf behavior.

Wolves are predators, they hunt and they kill, but they don’t wake up and think “hmmm I big bad wolf, I think I’m gonna eat me some humans today.” If confronted by humans they retreat. Wolves tend to stay in their own territory, the only real reasons a wolf would be near humans is if they’re sick (rabies make animals behave strangely) or if there is a lack of wild game and they’re looking for food (pets and livestock). Yes, if provoked a wolf will attack if they feel the need to, but since wolves usually stay away from people this is rare.

I’m not saying wolves are friendly and cuddly lil’ critters, they are dangerous and they can kill you. But “their instincts” don’t make them go out of their way to hunt down humans. Some of you may want to do some research before telling others that “being a werewolf is like being a wolf, you’ll kill humans in wolf form.” That’s not true. Being a werewolf may make you a monster, but that has nothing to do with real wolves and real wolf behavior.

– Moonlight

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  1. Finally!!! Not blaming predatory creatures for “instincts” they dont have!! Wolfs are beautiful creatures that we can admire (from a safe distance) and get to know more about :D

    1. so many ppl think tht wolves r just sum thing tht they can kill and hav fur 4! its rly stupid bcuz wolves and other animals r mammal like us humans! how would u like 2 b shot down and skinned like a wolf? i help the wolves 4 a reason! they help keep our habitat moving. without wolves there would b 2 many deer and 2 many humans which would over populate our earth and we wouldnt hav any space 2 breath!

  2. THIS. THIS FOREVER. People don’t realize that just because they’re wild animals they will just attack for the fuck of it. Wolves generally stay away from humans.

  3. You can’t win them all Moonlight! If you haven’t read it, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Werewolves (don’t let the title/series turn you off) did give some interesting food for thought of a rabies connection with Werewolves as an ancient/old way of trying to explain the disease of Rabies.

    This is excellent commentary about wolves and their nature.

    Howling Mad offered up a unique view of Lycanthropy… that the disease/curse brings out the worst in wolf nature… and the protagonist who is a wolf that gets bit by a werewolf and turns into a human on the Full Moon, exhibits the worst traits of human nature.

  4. hey, guys thats affensive 2 say im gona kill my parents! u no wat? silver doesnt kill us, it just burns ur skin. well in wolf u cant touch silver at all itll be like cancer, ur fur falls off! dont try it. but in human u can touch low countities of it like a neclace or ring. After a few hours though it starts 2 burn ur skin. so we r allergic 2 silver. thats how u no someones a werewolf. it says on their medical forms. also just touching silver makes u weak.

  5. Why should werewolvs look like big wolves? They can look mostly wolf, but can’t they look a little bit human? Werewolf means “Man-Wolf”. Get it? A shapeshifter, like in Night World, looks like a wolf. A werewolf isn’t just a shapeshifter, this is a part of them. Man-wolf.

  6. you said it Moonlight, it just gets on my nervs when people say that wolves are crazy and attack you for their own enjoyment its sooo freaken stupid!!!!

  7. I just wish you wherewolves would stop killling my family because we dont kill our family ither. Why can’t we just get along! P.S. we get a bad wrap you guys accidently kill more humans than we feed on, and please keep your wolf head down I dont need any more bigfoot sightings in my area. 400 years old and I still cant spell well at all.

  8. You obviously know a lot about werewolves. You need to touch up on your knowledge of WOLVES. I admit, you AREN’T spewing the treehugger lines about how there has never been an attack on man in the usa, or that they are shy and timid.

    Wolves ARE NOT shy or timid.
    Wolves WILL attack a man, provoked or not.
    Wolves will kill and eat animals WHILE THEY ARE STILL ALIVE.
    Wolves have been known to wipe out entire flocks of sheep, eating only one.
    Wolves, like all other american predators, are LESS afraid of man NOW than they were 200 years ago…..and can you figure out why??

    Wolves are beautiful. I love that they mate for life. But, thats it. I can’t stand the other nonsense I hear about them, usually from someone who’s never ever seen a wolf in the wild, but only sees the fiction on tv and the fables their ponytailed professor tells them in school.

    1. What are your sources? Every other source confirms what I wrote, so please feel free to tell me where you got your info. :)

  9. moonlight your writting piece is so true. It tells alot about me and my dad.
    Thankyou for writting that because people think I actualy want to hurt people, but me and my family are not like that, hurting people.

  10. Isn’t it possible for a animal, such as a wolves, to have different personalities just like humans do? Saying wolves are not timid or shy seems a little silly. I’m sure there’s aleast one wolf that’s atleast a tiny bit shy somewhere in the world.

  11. Werewolves are monsters, whether you posers think it so or not. They don’t, however, go around killing people for no particular reason. They kill humans when they feel threatened, which is often. Even if they are eight to thirteen feet tall on two legs.

  12. Lol wolves in general,respect the hierarchy and dont go off killing there own pack.One thing that wolve’s do,is sometimes they will go into a bears den and just kill of the bears pups.If the bear attack when near,the wolf bites them right in there a$$!!

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