The Tribes of Werewolf: The Apocalypse

WerewolfTheApocalypseFor those that don’t know, White Wolf Game Studio didn’t just create the famous vampire role-playing game Vampire: The Masquerade, they also made a werewolf tabletop game called Werewolf: The Apocalypse. In the game each player plays as a werewolf, or Garou. The Garou’s job is to protect Gaia, or Mother Earth, from the power of the Wyrm. Problem is they’re losing and the Apocalypse is coming.

My favorite part of this game are the tribes. You see, the Garou are first split up into three breeds  – homids, who were born and raised human; lupus, who were born and raised as wolves; and metis, deformed half-breeds which are the result of a Garou mating with another (which is forbidden). All of the Garou live in tribes not matter what breed they are. There are 13 main tribes…

Black Furries: This tribe originated in Greece and are usually women only. They defend the disappearing wilderness.

Bone Gnawers
: This tribe is the lowest and most hated by the other Garou. They are street-dwellers and look similar to jackals.

Children of Gaia: A peaceful tribe that desires harmony.

: A group of Celtic singers and storytellers that love to drink and sing but also have the job of preserving and recording Garou history.

Get of Fenris
: These are warrior Garou that live for battle. They are usually first in line to fight the Wyrm.

Glass Walkers
: The only tribe that has been able to adapt to modern cities. Due to their workings with technology and finances other tribes distrust them.

Red Talons: The members of this tribe are lupus only, they hate all hominids. They love the wilderness and tend to be the most beast-like of the Garou.

Shadow Lords: These Garou are cocky and powerful, they want to control the other Garou and human society as well.

Silent Striders
: This is a mysterious group that travels from one caern to another (a caern is a kind of holy spot for Garou). Some believe that the Silent Striders have psychic powers.

Silver Fangs
: They are like Garou royalty. Their leaders also suffer a strain of madness.

: They are martial artists that protect others from the Wyrm.

: They are very cunning and secretive and also have incredibly strong magical powers.

: Their roots are in Native American culture. This tribe was nearly wiped out, but those that survived are strong in the ways of spiritualism and war.

And that sums up the tribes in Werewolf: The Apocalypse.

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