The Top Three Grossest Werewolves In Cinema

There are probably several raunchy werewolf scenes in movies, but here are the grossest that I can remember, –others are probably worse, and if you want to contribute your “grossest werewolf” experience, feel free to add it in the comments. I’ll look back in a week, and if you’ve got any good ones, I’ll watch the movie too, and compare our gross-out notes!

wolf1. The Company of Wolves – Stephen Rea plays the “young groom” whose eyebrows met, –remember, in one of the stories Granny (Angela Lansbury) tells, a young bride (Kathryn Pogson) marries a stranger, a “traveling man”, whose eyebrows meet. He ran off, and returns years later to find her married with more children and a new husband. Enraged, he transforms into a werewolf, –and good god almighty, it takes forever, and it’s just so disgusting. I acutally, physically, gagged at one point. He rips his own face off, and underneath is muscle, no skin, and before he can change fully into a wolf, the woman’s husband storms in and chops off his head.

WOLF19932. Wolf, 1994 – Actually, it’s not a particular scene; I love James Spader, really. He’s sexy, and weird, and is always cast as an abnormal fetish-loving nerdy, cute, pyschopath type character. But in this movie, he’s just an absolutely skeezy prick. He plays Stewart Swinton, –the bad guy, the ass-kisser, the big company loser, and Jack Nicholson’s character, Will Randall, puts him in his place. But, still I got the feeling on several occasions during the film, that he was going to hump Laura Alden (Michelle Pfeifer) on the leg, or something, and just.. ew.

Gingersnapsback3. Ginger Snaps Back – Geoffrey (Stevie Mitchell) in this movie, is something horrifying to behold; yes, he is a little kid, and yes, he probably doesn’t know any better, but he scared the shit out of me. And it wasn’t just the sneaking around in the dark, –his face was all mutilated and messed up from transforming slowly, rather than all at once, and only sometimes, like in other werewolf movies. In these, you transform over a period of weeks or days, and then you’re screwed. Probably my favorites among all werewolf movies, would be the Ginger Snaps trilogy. Geoffrey is gross, but he’s still a little kid, so he comes in third.

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  1. Ginger’s transformation in the first movie in the series in the back of the van is pretty grotesque too. By far my favorite werewolf movies ever!

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