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The Thylacine Reborn

Allow me to paraphrase that line from JURASSIC PARK. Have scientists become so fixated on the question of whether or not they *could* do something that they haven’t stopped to ask themselves whether or not they *should*? No. Not in this case. In this case they certainly should. The Thylacine went extinct because of us. Because of human beings. It is therefore incumbent upon us to fix that snafu, if we are able. And we might be able pretty damn soon. The technology exists. The reason we don’t have cloned dinosaurs walking around right now is because there is no extant DNA from a dinosaur. Fossilized bones don’t contain DNA, and no mosquitoes preserved in amber have been found to contain dinosaur DNA, like what happened in the movies. That’s not the case with the Thylacine. They have Thylacine pups preserved in jars sitting in laboratories right now. Scientists now have the complete Thylacine genome. All that’s left is to find that bridge to growing clones, the service that frog DNA provided for the dinosaurs in JURASSIC PARK.

Andrew Pask, associate professor at the University of Melbourne, stated: “Basically, you can take the DNA from a closely related living species and you can make all the edits that you see and all the differences you can see from a [Thylacine] genome and put them into the living marsupial species genome,” which is “exactly the same technology” used to recreate dinosaurs in JURASSIC PARK. As soon as a suitable surrogate species is decided upon, the cloning can commence!

The Evil Cheezman • March 1, 2019

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