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THE TERROR Episode 7: A Perfect Depiction Of Lycanthropy

As perfect a depiction as I have ever seen, in fact, in a non-werewolf story. A real-world depiction. The episode, entitled “Horrible from Supper,” takes its name from something said by John Morfin (Anthony Flanagan) to Dr. Goodsir, when he’s talking about the effect the smell of cooking human flesh had on him. “They were cooking, like fillets grilling…My nose and my stomach, they don’t know horrible from supper. But I do.” Morfin is a perfect parallel to a werewolf. He is slowly coming unhinged, the latter condition being brought about by a combination of lead poisoning, starvation, deprivation, fear, and the extremes of his environment. It’s happening gradually yet quickly, in stages, and unalterable. When he smelled the flesh of his fellow sailors roasting in the fire at the carnival on the ice, he started to salivate. And he has already warned others of the madness that has begun to gnaw away at his mind. This is true Horror. This is as real as it gets.

And for those who read those accounts of people in such deprivations resorting to cannibalism and say smugly to themselves, “Not me. I would never do that.” you need to get over yourself and your macho posturing. In such circumstances, sanity is one of the first things to go. The rational mind gives way before the rest of the body. You are capable of horrors beyond your imaginings.

The Evil Cheezman • May 15, 2018

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