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The TASE of Burma

You might have read that as “taste” of Burma, and perhaps wondered why an article about cuisine would be appearing on this site. The brain often makes such mistakes when one is reading, misidentifying words. You see what you think you are SUPPOSED to see, not what is actually written. But no, “Tase” is correct, as is the capitalization, I’m fairly sure. In Burmese folklore, a Tase is the angry spirit of a dead person that returns to the land of the living in animal form to torment the living. As lycanthropic lore generally tends to present as the featured shapshifter the largest and most dangerous predator in the geographic location–crocodiles, hyenas, and leopards in Africa, for example–the Tase might more typically show up as a were-TIGER, since I’m not sure how prevalent wolves are in Burma, or Myanmar, as it is currently known. There ARE wolves in Myanmar, though, and a close approximation, too, the “Dhole” or Myanmar wild dog, although the existence of the latter is in some dispute among scientists. As is the existence of the Tase. We should not assume, though, that the Tase and the Dhole are the same thing.

One thing’s for sure, though. If they ever make a Horror movie featuring a Tase or a Dhole, they’re gonna have to change the beast’s name to something that sounds a little more frightening to the Western ear. There’s a reason, after all, why they didn’t want to overly inform the audience for THE EXORCIST that the demon’s name was “Pazuzu.”

The Evil Cheezman • May 8, 2018

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