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The Tale of Werewolf Rock

According to local legends, outside of the village of Eggerstedt, Germany lived a mysterious figure known simply as “the Old Man.” This man would appear from the Brandsleber Forest and offer to perform tasks for the villagers, such as watching over their flocks of sheep.

One day the Old Man herded sheep for a shepherd named Melle, for payment the man asked for Melle’s spotted lamb, but Melle denied him saying that he would not give up his prized sheep. The Old Man continued to ask for the lamb, but Melle kept refusing.

When it came time to shear the flock for their wool, Melle hired the Old Man to help him out. Once Melle had finished his work he soon discovered that not only had the strange Old Man left, but that he had taken the prized spotted lamb with him. Many months passed without seeing the Old Man or the stolen lamb.

But then one day as Melle grazed his sheep in Katten Valley, he was taken aback by the sudden appearance of the thieving Old Man, who mocked him by saying the lamb sent its regards. Overtaken by rage, the shepherd raised his crook to the Old Man to give him a good beating, but the man transformed into a wolf. Melle was scared stiff, but luckily his dogs came to his rescue and chased the werewolf off.

The continued to hunt the wolf and eventually stopped and surrounded him. At this point, the Old Man changed back to his human form and begged for his life. Melle refused to be fooled by the pleas and began furiously beating the man with his crook. Being the very powerful shapeshifter he was, the Old Man then transformed into a massive thorn bush, but even this didn’t stop the angry Melle, he continued to beat the bush.

Finally realizing that nothing would stop the shepherd, the Old Man returned back to his human form and once again pleaded for his life. Melle ignored his begging just like before and continued to attack the man. The man then changed back into wolf form and tried to escape, but one fatal blow hit him and ended his wicked life.

To this day, the spot were the Old Man dropped dead has been called Werewolf Rock.

– Moonlight

One of the writers for werewolves.com, as well as vampires.com.

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moonlight • March 18, 2010

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  • SheWolf

    is dis real cause i dont want to give my soul to the devil i dont wanna be hellish i want to be nice and sweet and not kill.

  • SheWolf

    the stroies on here change?

    • moonlight

      The folktales and stories we tell here come from all over the world from different time periods :)

  • Just Insomnia…

    That’s a really horrible story D:

    I feel really bad for Old Man, he only stole one friggin’ lamb!

  • destiny

    That’s an awesome story. I could scare the hell outta my girlscout troop at the campfire gathering this weekend. Thanks for giving me that.

  • that is awsome peple ben telling me that vampiers are better but i dis agrie…VAMPIERS SUCK

  • I am going to try these things to see if they work i believe it is true because how and why would someone make these things up! I am hoping your stories and ways to become a werewolf are true i have been researching and wondering for quite a while! wish me luck :) hoping to be the chosen one!!

  • Abigail

    how do i become a werewolf i eanma b one sooooo badly

  • Mary goddess of werewolves

    poor old man…it would of been nice if melle let him pay for the lamb so none of that would of happened

  • wolfluver2468

    i been waiting to turn into a twighlight wolf form

  • Nicki

    I have been noticing some changes in me. Like towards the days of the full moon my eyes get yellower and its really hard to control my temper. Also, my nails grew long in only 3 days. I am also getting random surges of energy that make me want to tear the closest thing to me to shreds. I am 13 and haven’t done a spell or anything. Can I get some feedback on this?Thanks for reading.

  • Michael

    I’m starting to get worried. I’m from New Orleans, so basically I’m really superstitious but I only think roaming spirits are real. During the full moon I feel more alert and I stay awake the whole night and feel no repercussions of it the next day. This Is pretty normal but the last full moon I actually fell asleep and had a dream. My dad left us when I was 3 haven’t seen him since, but there he was just like my moms picture of him. He kept saying wake up. I did and found myself at the neighborhood park. As I said I am superstitious, but don’t believe in werewolves but I don’t know any other Way to explain this. Someone help me please Im getting scared.