The SyFy Premier of Being Human, Finally!

For those of you who have not seen the show yet, SPOILER ALERTS!

We’re introduced to Josh and Aidan first; Josh is standing around awkward, naked, and waiting to turn into a werewolf, while Aidan is busy eating some poor 20-something. Josh’s transformation isn’t quite the spectacle as George’s transformation, but SyFy’s version combines real make-up and CGI effects to make Josh’s transformation pop. It’s apparent fairly early on in the show that Josh is pretty much, just as bumbling and socially retarded as poor George Sands. Maybe even more so. His “welcome, mi’lady” comment to the new nurse on their floor, at work the next day, is fairly reminiscent of Joel Moore’s J.P. character.

The two have a sort of depressing conversation about how much their supernatural lives suck, and from that, they decide to become roommates, and they find a house, and hear the familiar story of couples engaged, and the dead fiance, from their renter, who happens to be the living fiance. The werewolf, Josh, is the first to sniff out the presence of another human being. And then they meet Sally, who is really surprised to know them, but Josh is definitely more surprised to see her. Remember, the werewolf is the only one of them that’s alive, which makes his character probably the most interesting, –he’ll never react the same way to things that the dead and undead will.

Interesting fact about Josh so far… he masturbates to .. Nova. The science show? Wow. I wonder if that’s a werewolf thing? Aidan also shows Josh his ‘own personal ‘cage'” in this episode, where Josh can safely be locked away, unable to maul any campers… or bunnies. What’s crazy about the concrete room, is that the sets look almost identical to the ones from the UK Being Human. And there’s also the whole vampire politics thing going on, and now Aidan’s food is up and running around, –but the only reason we tolerate the ghost and the vampire, is that they happen to live with the werewolf, who brings out the best in them. And the worst, sometimes.

Aidan has a high power in the vampire social club on his side, and the good thing about this guy, is that he’s also higher up in the local police. Which keeps him out of the local jail, and the state prison. So while poor Josh is out trying to deal with life, and a ghost, and a gnawing inner urge to turn into an animal and tear things, people, animals into pieces, Aidan is getting chewed out by the rest of the vampire community, for living with a werewolf. So apparently, the whole, mixing-of-supernatural species thing, is frowned upon by the vampires, and maybe the werewolves too, if it’s ever revealed that they even have an organized community. Which somehow I doubt, because that sort of thing contradicts the whole wild, animalistic point of being a werewolf.

Josh also is dealing with girl issues, –Emily, the sister that he ran away from when he became a werewolf. Him and she reunite, but it leaves her bitter, and him confused, about where to take his life, and whether being without his family is still the best thing for him. The episode comes to a head when Emily follows Josh down to his new cage, and when Aidan’s mentor and creator/sire/dad/whatever, drives him to see his last snack, –Rebecca, who has been turned into a vampire. And when Josh’s long lost sister locks herself in his cage with him, the only person he can turn to is Sally. And Sally can’t leave the house.


  1. I really liked it I thought it brought over the best elements of the British versio but also brought an American touch deffinitely not a bad thing seems like these guys know there audience can’t wait to see more especially from the werewolf Josh but also Sally the ghost those characters can go so far just as they did in the original

  2. I did greatly enjoy this opening episode. For me, the special effects are better then the British Being Human. And like an obvious commentor, Alec said, it’s the best elements of the British Version with an american flair and touch.

    I do want to see more. and I want to be continuing to follow the original British version as the same time to get different takes/looks at the same story.

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