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The Softer Side of Hannibal Lecter

How cool is Hannibal Lecter, that suave commingling of culture and anthropophagy? Being a cannibal and managing to score an Oscar nomination is no mean feat, and his biggest vehicle, THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS, actually won that year for best movie. Tres impressive. But the good doctor doesn’t just appeal to the highbrows. He’s more than viscerally violent enough (onscreen, naturally; we fans don’t desire to see such behavior in real life; certainly we do not celebrate it) to appeal to the most fake blood-thirsty of gorehounds. Remember when he lopped off the top of Ray Liotta’s head, then sliced off pieces of his brain and fed them to him? Remember when he filleted that policeman’s face, then used said face as a mask to affect his escape from police custody? Of course we do.

It’s a testament to the talent of Sir Anthony Hopkins that he, a nice, easygoing, nonviolent gent can so realistically capture and embody a character like Hannibal. We’ve seen others play the role, but, while they might be pretty good in their own right, they don’t compare to Hopkins. At the link below is a chance to see a different side to our favorite psychopath. Did you know Sir Anthony is also an accomplished musician? Seeing him witness the piece of music he composed fifty years ago(!) performed for the first time just might bring a tear to your eye. And, if you’re like me, it will remind you of the time Hannibal ate that flautist with the Baltimore Philharmonic Orchestra for playing off-key. Better hope nobody messed up Sir Anthony’s aria.

source: www.66viral.com

The Evil Cheezman • February 16, 2016

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