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The Smoking Dogmen of Skinwalker Ranch

I’m obsessed with all things Skinwalker Ranch right now, what with the new series of the History Channel and all—and what the hell is up with not giving us a new episode last week, History Channel?!—so bear with me if I seem to fixate. But honestly, how can one not? The amounts of bizarreness, weird phenomena, crazy out-there shenanigans at the place is limitless! Case in point: the case of the cigarette-smoking Dogmen. Yes, really.

According to the authors of the book HUNT FOR THE SKINWALKER, Colm Kelleher and George Knapp, two Indian agents out on patrol encountered a pair of Dogmen near Skinwalker Ranch. That in itself isn’t surprising, given the location. You would almost *expect* to encounter something weird if you’re cruising the area. But these two Dogmen were wearing trenchcoats and smoking cigarettes. The Dogmen vanished, but they left behind their cigarettes. Shame on them for littering! Any Dogman should know that littering is environmentally insensitive. Maybe they were startled by the patrolmen and dropped their cigarettes unintentionally. For that matter, they really ought to kick that habit. I can’t imagine smoking is healthy, even for Dogmen.

One does wonder where they’re purchasing their cigarettes, though, and what brand they prefer.

The Evil Cheezman • May 14, 2020

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