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The SMALLVILLE Chicks and the Sex Cult

This isn’t really werewolf-related, but it’s geek-culture relevant and it’s interesting. Also, any mention of cults automatically puts me in mind of the Manson family, and Charlie has been all up in our newsfeed as of late. There’s no evidence that self-help guru turned cult leader–alright, alleged cult leader, since he hasn’t been convicted of anything yet–Keith Raniere is a serial killer, or, like Manson, the orchestrator of a mass killing, but there’s still plenty of creepy involved in this case. Women were allegedly branded with this guy’s initials, and his organization, NXIVM (pronounced “nexium,” which makes me think of the acid-reflux medication), which started out as your typical new-agey psychobabble movement, devolved into a “sex cult.” Allegedly involved.

Likewise, actresses Kristen Kreuk and Allison Mack of the TV show SMALLVILLE have not been convicted of actively “recruiting” vulnerable young women as victims for Raniere, their flesh-brandin’ false messiah. ALLEGED flesh-brandin’ false messiah. I can only report that those are the allegations.

I never watched SMALLVILLE. I saw bits and pieces here and there. I thought it was stupid. I called it SUPERBOY 90210. But I wouldn’t have suspected that a couple of its cast members were sex fiends.

ALLEGED sex fiends.

Anybody smell something burning?

The Evil Cheezman • April 8, 2018

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