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For the past few years we’ve known only that the new owner of Skinwalker Ranch in Utah was secretive and mysterious. Now we know who that owner is, a rich real estate dude with an interest in the paranormal named Brandon Fugal. Considering that he named the shell company through which he bought the Ranch “Adamantium,” and that Adamantium is the fictional metal coating Wolverine’s skeleton, we can also assume that Mr. Fugal is a big ol’ geek. He already had a team in place on the Ranch, but decided to bring in some outside help in the form of astrophysicist Travis Taylor. Taylor is my kinda guy, an educated Southerner—he’s a legitimate rocket scientist from Huntsville, Alabama, home to both NASA and, incidentally, to my little Theatre company—who is both open-minded and skeptical at the same time, maintaining the proper balance between the two extremes. (Travis was featured on the TV show ROCKET CITY REDNECKS, so-called because he and his cohorts are from Alabama and not because they’re rednecks. They aren’t. It’s one of my pet peeves that people lump all Southerners into the “redneck” camp when to be a redneck requires certain very specific and undesirable traits like racism, poor hygiene, and a lack of education.)

On his first day at the Ranch—during his first hour there, in fact—Travis recorded phenomena he couldn’t rationally explain away. He also encountered pushback from the owner and proprietors of the Ranch when he suggested conducting actual experiments there. The latter said they were afraid to dig too deeply—and they meant it literally.

I’m going to love this show. I can’t wait for the next episode.

Oh, and they did use the word “werewolf” at least once already.

The Evil Cheezman • April 3, 2020

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