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Alabama gets a lot of bad publicity, and deservedly so, I confess. We rank dead last in education and first in support of Donald Trump—and the two are most certainly connected. We have pockets of racism and a couple of years ago a man and his daughter were arrested for living in incest. (True story. Google it if you don’t believe me.) But outsiders don’t realize that these are only a few facets of the State. We may be dead last in education, but Huntsville has the most PhDs per square mile than any other city in the country. A couple of those real-life rocket scientists are featured on THE SECRET OF SKINWALKER RANCH, one as a regular and another this week as a guest star. That’s why I would argue that this show does the best job on television depicting the State of Alabama as it really is. (Yes, for those who didn’t know, I too am from Alabama, but I’m pretty proud of my GPA, I don’t support the orange dictator, and I’ve never canoodled a blood relative. For what it’s worth.)

The unexplained continues to occur at the Ranch despite the best efforts of guys like the aforementioned Travis Taylor. These guys are using hard Science to try to solve the mysteries of the Ranch, and delightfully, unlike so often happens when the light of scientific scrutiny is shined on an unexplained phenomenon, the Ranch continues to stand in defiance. No skeptic can easily explain away the goings-on there. If anything the Ranch seems to be throwing even more weirdness their way now that Taylor is present. Keep it up, Skinwalker Ranch!

The Evil Cheezman • April 21, 2020

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