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The Satanic Christmas Display

Look, I can’t speak for all of them. That should be obvious. But I think it is accurate to describe them in a general way. The people who belong to the Satanic Temple don’t really believe in Satan. They’re atheists. They don’t really want to see Satan praised or worshipped. They have, rather, adopted the symbol of the Devil, the concept—which is all they believe exists—as their mascot. They only want to place shrines to the horny guy in those public places where Christian shrines are placed, places where such things ought not to be. The Satanists are right. What they are really advocating for is a clear separation of Church and State, which was also called for by our Nation’s Founding Fathers. What Jefferson, Washington, Franklin, etc. understood, that religious wackadoos do not, seemingly cannot understand, is that the only way to guarantee the freedom of religion for all Americans is to make sure the State remains neutral where religion is concerned. The idea of living in a theocracy—a land where the government is controlled by religion—might sound good to you—right up until the time that it is no longer *your* religion in charge.

There is a Satanic holiday display in the Illinois State Capital building. Because people had also put up a Christmas display. This is a government building, you must understand, and under the law the government cannot show any partiality. If they let a group of Christians put up a Christmas display they must then also allow the Satanic Temple to put up its own display. The display itself, which they call “Snaketivity,” is not unattractive to the eyes, I think. The wackadoos ought to be grateful. The Satanists could have put in a Baphomet.

The Evil Cheezman • December 13, 2019

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