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The Santu Sakai – The “Mouth Men”

The native peoples of Malaysia are always quick to warn outsiders of the dangers of the Santu Sakai. When the visitor, either bemused or alarmed or merely curious, enquires as to what, exactly, the Santu Sakai, or ‘Mouth Men,” ARE, he is informed that they are half human and half animal. They might be a separate race, or an undiscovered species of highly evolved animal. They might be demons, or wildly deformed humans. Two things that the stranger is told for certain are that the Mouth Men have enormous fangs and that they are bloodthirsty killers. If they catch the outsider, they will kill him and devour him.

A man named Henri Van Heerdan might have scoffed at such warnings when he, according to writer Eric Normand in his book THE ABOMINABLE SNOWMEN, visited the forests outside Kuala Lumpur in 1967 on a hunting trip. Having walked into the wilderness after parking his vehicle along a scarce-visible backwoods road, Heerden headed back after successfully bagging some of the local fauna. Before he could make it, he was set upon by two huge, shaggy “monstrosities” (as he called them). He hauled ass back to his vehicle, not bothering to try for a shot at the beasts and dropping everything but his weapon in his mad dash for safety. When he reached the vehicle, he turned to fire, but one of the beasts wrenched the gun from his hands. Heerdan made it into the vehicle and got the engine cranked before one of the monsters, smashing the window, was able to drag him out of it. Heerdan returned with friends (who were, I am sure, heavily armed) to the spot the following day to discover strange, inhuman tracks, and to find that his shotgun was missing. One of the Santu Sakai had taken it.

The Evil Cheezman • May 8, 2018

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