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The Roadside Werewolf

Check out this account from the linked article: “The story comes from Vicki Cunningham, who was a manager at the Days Inn in Elkins at the time of the book’s publication (2001). [The book in question is A GUIDE TO HAUNTED WEST VIRGINIA by Walter Gavenda and Michael T. Shoemaker.—ED] Vicki tells the authors, who stayed at the motel during one of their research trips to the area, quite the strange tale. It happened one cold, snowy night along CR-151, somewhere between Jimtown and Norton. Vicki and her husband were driving down this stretch of road rather late that night when they were surprised to see a man out walking. They were even more surprised when they drove past the man–he turned to look directly at the couple, revealing that he had the face of a dog!”

Spooky story. But we must apply Occam’s Razor to it, to see if it stands up to scrutiny. Unfortunately this one gets shredded all to hell by the Razor. For one thing, there is no way to verify if the story is even true. The witness could be making it up. But if the witness is telling the truth and really did see this “dog-faced” man, did she see a supernatural creature? Or did she see a normal human being wearing a mask? Either is possible, yes, but Occam’s Razor teaches us that the most likely scenario is probably the correct one. Which of these two is the most likely scenario?

The Evil Cheezman • November 26, 2019

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