The Remedies For Being a Werewolf

There are certainly many advantages to being a werewolf. You’re stronger than anyone, can run faster than anyone, and have immense freedom, being able to go wherever you want, in a relatively short period of time. But, when the legends of werewolves first started, many thought of it as being a curse, and something that needed to be remedied. The sooner the better. Even just a glimpse into the character of Jacob in New Moon and one can see why turning from man to beast might not always be that great. Perhaps Jacob would have benefitted to know some of these ancient remedies for being a werewolf.

One belief in medieval Europe was that surgery or exorcism could cure one of being a werewolf. Unfortunately, many times the patient did not make it through the treatment though and so, was quite counterproductive. A werewolf remedy that can be traced back to Sicilian times is that a werewolf can be cured by hitting it on the head with a metal object or knife. Metal objects are still largely believed to be a huge werewolf remedy, or something that werewolves are vulnerable to, throughout many werewolf legends today. Another Sicilian belief was that a werewolf can be cured by piercing both of his palms with nails.

There are werewolf methods that don’t involve processes quite as painful or aggressive as these. In Germany it was believed that repeating the werewolf’s Christian name three times while in the werewolf’s presence would cure the wolf. There’s also an interesting Danish legend that states that a werewolf can be cured if one was to yell at it.

Some other very common myths of remedying a werewolf situation are to keep the wolf in constant physical activity while in man form. Some think that this exhausts the being so much that it’s simply too exhausted to phase into wolf form. Other theories suggest that if the man just does not phase for a long period of time, the werewolf part of him will simply leave due to neglect and non-use.

But the truth is that if one was a werewolf and found himself phasing one day, he might as well grab onto the fact that there are many advantages to being in the form of a wolf. Because the chances are, that there’s no goin back.


    1. Haha, that show is totally fake….didn’t you notice the horrible acting? The studio quality handy-cam footage? The horrible acting? Did I mention the horrible acting? Don’t believe everything you see on TV. In fact, don’t believe ANYthing you see on TV, its all BS!

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  2. I saw a show the other day called The Lost tapes and it dealt with The Beast Killer Case of 2002. The show explored the werewolf, but what really scared the hell out of me was Sophie Montero, killing the two film crew members and was shot by law enforcement officials. The tape showed her having fangs, piercing yellow/white eyes and claws. While a minute or so beforehand she looked like a perfectly normal girl. My question is Was that real? I’m busy searching the web for any info on it, so far nothing. Can you guys point me in a direction too look?
    Thanks again

  3. Andy,
    One of the great things that is happening with shows like lost tapes and many of the research documentaries (history channel, UFO Hunters, etc) is the research evidence that is being made available to the world. Google, underground facility in Dulce, N.M. on a Indian reservation, Reptilians, chemical trails, FEMA camps, Noahide Law and on and on. I too, saw the Lost Tape program and a picture speaks a thousand words, right? Lost tapes has aired another called “Skin Walker”, and you need to see it to start to put the dots together. Or, go to youtube and search shapeshifting / shape shifters. You must come to terms with the reality concerning the planet we live on and the dark side that exists here. I hope this helps,


  4. if were wolfs were real they’d be found easyly b/c of how complex technology is today. they can be tracked down. and ofcourse everyone gets blood testing specialy wen ur born and if someone is a were wolf the blood tests will show that something is odd from other people. the DNA can be checked and whatever. and that person would be known to be somethen out of the ordenary and will be further tested and search deep in the DNA. And that person will be a lab rat to the government and what not.

  5. ohh and im not a were wolf. wish i was. lol. that’d be awsome. ohh and did anyone see the show after lost tapes called “Werewolf, The dark survivors” or somethen like that. was that real.???

  6. Lost Tapes is a half-hour thriller mockumentary television series that airs on Animal Planet. The program depicts footage of fictional traumatic stories and is centered on cryptozoological creatures (cryptids), including the Chupacabra, Bigfoot, and even the Werewolf and Vampire.[1]
    The pilot aired on Animal Planet October 30, 2008 for Halloween, but the series officially premiered on January 6, 2009.[2] Two episodes, each thirty minutes long, are aired back-to-back for a total running time of one hour. The first season aired at 10 and 10:30 PM E/P on Tuesdays.[1] Animal Planet commissioned a second season which premiered on September 29.[3]

    1. I’m a really werewolf and I’m telling the onest truth and if no one belives me I’ll find you…..just joking

  7. I think there is a large possibility that this and things like the lizard man exist look up the moth man and no the movie was mostly wrong but read about it sightings have been happening for years and the military actually has documentation of them experimenting with a chupacabra like creature in vietnam official records say they were un able to create a successful creature so the military stabbed the dead in the neck and drained there blood and placed them in random places that seems like alot of work for fear mongering but its very possible for them to exist Yes science is advanced but you need something to study for you to disprove something your argument basically comes down to this the lack of evidence does not prove or disprove anything

  8. And as for blood testing of babys thats for aids testing they dont even document the blood type and testing a child in anyway is assuming its not an at home birth threw out the twenty first centery home deliverys has picked up and your assuming that someone human is giving birth to a genetic deformation when chances are both parents would have to be carryers of the gene for the child to have a deformation like that

  9. well maybe if humans would think It through they would realize that werewolves avoid any scientific operations( docters, hopspitals, etc. ) on purpose and we are not found because we hide.

    1. I have to say you aren’t hiding very well then. No real werewolf would reveal themselves in person or online. There are more than one way to track people.

      1. hmmmm… Well you speak much truth, Sadly though I don’t care anymore about what will happen to me. Hopefully the government has better things to do than hunt “fictional” creatures.

      2. moonlight and shewolf are you guys werewolfs ? because if you are that means I’m not the only one her

  10. No body can prove or disprove the existence of ‘werewolves’. In the world today there are however mammals that can change in appearence, color etc. but that does not necessarily mean that the DNA is any diffrent when they change. Lost tapes proved a good point there with baboons and the change one will take when becoming and alpha. There are many tribes today in the world that are cannabalistic in nature and very unknown to civilization today. As most know evolution has a BIG role in humans today, so whats to say that a cannabalistic tribe couldn’t have evolved to fit there role better? Maybe they have, and just maybe they strayed to smaller ‘packs’ that have gone among the world unknown to most, hidden among us. And lets just say that this ‘evolution’ they have aquired would take effect on the alpha of the pack more noticably then the others of their tribe. This would keep there numbers dwindled and hidden in the blood throughout time. If this were the case it would be very hard for modern tech. to reveal these ‘werewolves’ in early human tests if that is, said subjects were to use hospitals. With such intelligence of one self though it may be they have avoided hospitals, docters, ect. in which they would be difficult to locate. Anyways all im saying is nobody has enough evidence to prove or disprove werewolves exist. As for me, well, my opinion is exactly that, my opinion. ;) Embrace the unknown

  11. I saw the Lost Tapes episode and I’m just concerned with the fact that I can’t really find anything else on Sophie Montero or the Beast Killer!

  12. I was very disappointed in the show “Lost Tapes”. The acting is terrible and the stories are all fake. Like the “Werewolf story: Sophie Montero, 2002. Notice the location is not mentioned, only that it happened in 2002. Well, it is not true….it is like someone stated, “it is a mockumentary”. I thought it sucked, terrible acting and they drag it out too long.

  13. I’m TEAM EDWARD AND JACOB THEY ARE BOTH SO CUTE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (if i were to choose one I WOULD CHOOSE JACOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

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