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The Red Room

Unless you live in a Third World country with no access to the Internet or even a good library, you have no excuse. Today, in America, ignorance is a choice. We have the sum total of all human knowledge literally at our fingertips. How do we use it? To insult strangers on social media and to look at porn. (I’m saying “we” here meaning humanity as a collective.) If there’s something you don’t know, LOOK IT UP. Google it. If you CHOOSE to remain ignorant, that equates in my mind to stupidity. And it is better to remain silent and be presumed stupid than to post something online and remove all doubt.

A lot of STRANGER THINGS fans have taken to the ol’ Interwebs to showcase their stupidity. They want to know why Will Byers is always shown in a “red room.” They have no idea what a darkroom is. Okay, fair enough. Millennials born in the age of digital photography might not necessarily know what a darkroom is, or be familiar with the basics of photography back in the 1980s. But why not just do a little research and find out? I wonder if those same people don’t know what a VCR is, and are wondering exactly what kind of establishment it is where Steve is trying to get a job. It’s called a “video store,” in case any of those folks happen by this way. People used to have to rent videotapes in order to watch a movie at home.

Wait, you don’t know what videotape is?!

The Evil Cheezman • August 6, 2019

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