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The Real-Life Victims of THE TERROR

We don’t know specifically what happened to the crew of the Franklin Expedition, other than they died. Most of them, we don’t know HOW they died. We can make some good guesses: starvation, hypothermia, disease. Possibly murder. That a huge, shaggy, and intelligent monster killed a bunch of them is a matter for the imagination and the television screen.

We DO know what became of some of the sailors, though, because we have their bodies. The graves of three crewmen were discovered and unearthed at their camp on Beechey Island. Just as is depicted in the hit AMC series, the men had contracted lead poisoning.

The mummies aren’t pleasant to look at, and their fate isn’t pleasant to contemplate. Just as it is in the TV series, the lead poisoning that occurred as a result of rusted tin cans (which contained tainted canned meat, dangerous to eat even without the lead) would have led to insanity among the crewmen. Even without the Tuunbaq, what happened to those men would have been a true Horror show. We don’t KNOW that they turned on each other, but we can make a good educated guess. Just add up the variables: they were starving; they had lead poisoning that would have affected their minds; they were terrified; they were desperate. It doesn’t add up to anything good.

The Evil Cheezman • May 24, 2018

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