The Rats are Coming! The Werewolves are Here!

Diana Mooney returns home with her new husband Gerald after being away studying medicine in Scotland. There are some dark secrets she had kept from the new husband, that unfold dramatically. An odd relationship between the family members is immediately apparent, and an eccentric elderly patriarch is urgent to complete his experiments before passing. We learn the father is terribly upset that Diana had gotten married, especially with the family curse. The curse we discover much later is genetic lycanthropy. She was supposed to study medicine and return to help him with his experiments, hoping to stop the family curse. In one scene a cross burns the middle sister in a struggle with Gerald, increasing his suspicion as it rightly should! The moon is almost full, so you’ll have to watch it yourself and see how it ends.

There’s a weird subplot involving rats for some reason that seems out of place, but this is the first film I’d seen by Andy Milligan and this could be par for the course. Willard was a popular movie in the 70s, and Ben a song by Michael Jackson about a rat. The film has one sister naming two rats, Willard and Ben. The soundtrack is wonderfully nostalgic of old films like this and the acting is over the top, -way- over the top! Andy Milligan is an independent producer, writer, and director of ultra-low-budget Grand Guignol horror films.

You can catch this 1972 movie for free at

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