The (Pint-sized) Hound of Wotan

The remains of a wolf-like canine dating back 8400 years have been unearthed in Sölvesborg, Blekinge County, Sweden, some 350 miles south of Stockholm. That particular breed of dog no longer exists, but according to zooarchaeologist Ola Magnell at National Historical Museums, Sweden, it was similar to “a Spitz” or was “a dog like a Siberian husky, but with jaws powerful as a wolf.” The location where the bones were unearthed would have been a coastal area at the time when sea levels were lower than they are today. It is believed that the animal had been domesticated, living among humans.

The bones of this beasty, as historically important as they might be, aren’t nearly as dramatic as the remains of the huge brute discovered in a graveyard in Suffolk, England here ‘while back. *That* was a big damn canine! (To be fair, though, the creature unearthed in Sweden lived a long time before the one in England. Its remains are far older, though they are far from the earliest evidence of a domesticated canine. This domestication may have taken place as far back as 40,000 years ago. Today’s dogs, all of them, are not descended from the same ancestor as today’s modern wolves, either. They are descended from a species of wolf that no longer exists (or that is known to exist).

By The Evil Cheezman

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