The Pig Who Cried Werewolf

Today’s post is simply a silly review of a silly cartoon. Hurray for silliness (I can’t be serious all the time, it’s exhausting)! DreamWorks has released another volume of little horror shorts – Spooky Stories: Volume 2 – which only seems to be available on Netflix. Hm. I found myself watching this cute series of cartoons and was pleased to find that the last tale was The Pig Who Cried Werewolf . Pigs and werewolves!

DVD Description:

“B.O.B., Doc and The Missing Link band together on Halloween to save their town from zombie carrots; Megamind must save the city after someone presses the Button of Doom; B.O.B. and the others break into a top secret government cell; and the three little pigs face off against a werewolf.”

The Pig Who Cried Werewolf is a 6-minute long cartoon about the three pigs from Shrek and their werewolf problem. It was 6 whole minutes of pure entertainment! I was actually surprised I loved this one as much as I did since I wasn’t expecting much. But it had a unique and hilarious (and odd) little twist in it – the werewolf was most definitely not what you would think. It was a super cute and amusing cartoon short.

While there was only one werewolf short, the others were entertaining as well. Sadly, as I said above, Spooky Stories Volume 2 isn’t available on DVD, you can only stream it on Netflix for now. So hopefully you have it and can check it out. It’s fun and packed full of silly.

– Moonlight

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  1. I don’t have Netflix, but I found another way to get it…

    And It’s hilarious, thanks for posting about this! :)

  2. I found it on DVD at Walmart around Halloween, but it was actually on the DVD “Shrek’s thrilling tales”, which only had three stories, including “Night of the living carrots”, and the third tale was “The ghost of Lord Farquaad”. I mainly got it for the werewolf episode.

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