‘The Pack: Winter Kill’ Novel and Contest!

Mike Oliveri is an author that has won the Bram Stoker Award, been featured in a handful of excellent anthologies and on top of that he also wrote the comic book, Werewolves: Call of the Wild. But it’s not that comic that we’re focusing on today, but rather his latest werewolf book, The Pack: Winter Kill which picks up after Call of the Wild.

For generations, the northern Minnesota mountain region has been a haven for peaceful hikes and breath-taking scenery. But when tourists suddenly turn up dead, FBI special agents Angela Wallace and Brian Shilling are called in to investigate, only to discover that the murders may be part of a deadlier, supernatural mystery.

The Pack series of horror fiction and graphic novels tells the story of the Tylers, a close-knit family trying to deal with their supernatural legacy in an ever-changing world.

Winter Kill picks up two years after the events of Werewolves: Call of the Wild, a comic miniseries from Moonstone Books.

So far the reviews for The Pack have been fantastic, and I have to say it does sound pretty kick ass. And not only has it been published in both prose fiction and graphic novel formats but it is also available on the kindle.

If all that wasn’t good enough, Mike Oliveri is throwing a contest for his readers and the winner gets a signed limited edition hardcover copy of The Pack: Winter Kill. The first 200 people to post reviews or blurbs on the Amazon page for The Pack: Winter Kill by January 15th will have their names entered into a drawing for the prize.

The winner’s name will be drawn and announced on January 18th. After you’ve posted, send along your name and mailing address (as well as your Amazon alias, if applicable) to pack@evileyebooks.com. Email will be accepted through midnight central on Friday, January 15th. Check Mike’s site the 18th to see who won.

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