The OTHER Wolf Man

Before Universal released their classic THE WOLFMAN (nee THE WOLF MAN) in 1941, there was another. No, I’m not talking about WEREWOLF OF LONDON, which was Universal’s first werewolf movie. There was actually another film also titled THE WOLF MAN. It was released in 1924, a silent film. Sadly it is considered a lost film, as are so many of those very first motion pictures. (This is because the film they used, nitrate film, had such a poor shelf life. It was also highly combustible. A huge warehouse fire in 1937 at the Fox film vaults resulted in the loss of numerous movies.)

THE WOLF MAN of 1924 is also a werewolf movie, albeit one concerning a far different kind of werewolf than Larry Talbot. It is a cautionary tale about the dangers of alcohol. The lead character, Gerald Stanley, portrayed by John Gilbert, doesn’t change physical form when he gets plastered, but his behavior does become bestial.

I have not been able to uncover any link whatsoever between the 1924 film and the Universal movie of the same (grammatically incorrect) name written by Curt Siodmak. There’s little doubt that Siodmak would have known about the earlier film but it wouldn’t have concerned him. Titles cannot be copyrighted, and the storylines of the two films are so drastically different that no one could holler about copyright infringement.

By The Evil Cheezman

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