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‘The Originals’ Season 2 Promo

The witches fearing for their very lives from Klaus and Elijah seek the help of dear ol’ mom and dad to stop their children…

Julie Plec has announced a lovely Christmas show for ‘The Originals’ this year. I’m sure it has been planned with family infighting, brutal betrayals, and a surprise guest or two, to keep it true to the holiday gatherings the rest of us endure every year. In just over two weeks, ‘The Originals’ return with streets of blood, less tolerance and new alliances secured and broken throughout the quarter. We’ll see ‘Teen Wolf’s Isaac Sharman make his debut for his new character, and by the looks of it, he’s been brought in to destroy someone who won’t even see it coming this season. What do you hope will be revealed on the second season of ‘The Originals’?



Editor • September 23, 2014

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