‘The Order: 1886’: Too Short & Too Cinematic?

“…today the veil drops and the press are allowed to share their opinions about the game…”

So some guy hops on YouTube around the same time the review copies are dropped for press coverage, but then… the YouTuber speaks, and basically tells everyone that the game is only 5 hours long: lame! Well, five and a half –but still, what’s a half hour? The developers then responded by denying the game was that short, but then also defended short games in general.

Why would they do that, you might ask? Because the game has rigid playthroughs, lots of cinematics, and you’re not really able to go much off-course in your own path through the game. That said, the game’s actual length is between 9 and 12 hours, –and that’s assuming you take your time. Bit of a bummer.

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