The Order: 1886 Has Lots of Style and Very Few Werewolves

Bloody Disgusting reviews the PS4 exclusive, The Order: 1886.

Okay so, Bloody Disgusting can almost always be relied upon for fair reviews. They don’t just jump on a bandwagon with a bunch of douchers who expect every game to be just so amazing that they shit themselves after five minutes of gameplay. So when I see them saying that the werewolf story arc is weak in this game, I kind of got even more disappointed, –but then again, I still want to play the game. 

Apparently, there aren’t a lot of werewolves, mostly, you spend time fighting rebels, –so even though there’s a lot of shooting… there’s not a lot of horror. Sucks. But the game itself, is still heralded as having some of the most gorgeous graphics out there right now, –in fact, they said it was the best in terms of in-game scenery and animation. So I’m taking their advice: I’ll play the game when it’s cheaper.

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