The Order: 1886 Earned an M for Mature Because it Has Scenes of… Coochie and Ding-Dongs!

“In a move that surprises no one, the ESRB has rated The Order: 1886 M for Mature….”

We all expect scenes with lots of cussing and blood and gore, all the good stuff really. But believe it or not, the rating was actually imposed because there are scenes with sexual content as well. Oh, and I want to mention right away, that if you have been waiting for more details about the game, this article gives away a ton of information.

Okay so, down to the dirty: players can visit a brothel where there are lots of topless prostitutes hanging around; one scene in the brother shows a topless woman on… top, doing the deed, and there is one seen in which, for a split second, a man’s ding-dong is depicted. So boobs and fleeting images of male genitalia. Cool. I’m ready!

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