The Only Black Werewolf Movie: The Beast Must Die!

There’s only one ‘black’ werewolf movie out there, –though, the werewolf isn’t even black! To be more specific, it’s the only blaxpoitation film with a werewolf in it; at least, that we’ve found. I’ve spent hours reading and referencing actual  books, –not Google, –looking for more examples of werewolves in black cinema, but they just aren’t there! Furthermore, I have actually looked online, which was even more devastatingly bleak than looking through the books. The fact that there is only one blaxploitation werewolf movie out there, is far overshadowed by the fact that the film is tons of fun for Hammer fans, and other lovers of classic, audience-involved cinema.

The film begins with a classic scenario on a spin; basically, Calvin Lockheart, a brilliant, and extremely black actor from the age of African, gathers together a bunch of weirdos who have had suspicious accidents and misfortunes in their lives. Calvin’s character, Tom Newcliffe, is a millionaire who loves hunting, and his latest passion is werewolves; Newcliffe gathers these unfortunate people together and basically holds them hostage, in the hopes that one of them is a werewolf, or in this film’s case, a very expressive, talented, fluffy… German Shepherd.

The blaxploitation element definitely comes in when you realize there’s an intense black man holding a bunch of white people hostage. There’s a little gore, a lot of barely repressed laughter, and the film is very interactive. One of the best parts is the “werewolf break” at the end, where they ask the audience to re-assess the film, and guess the werewolf’s identity. Not to mention the fact that horror great, Peter Cushing participates in the film as well, throwing on the role of designated werewolf expert with ease and aplomb. All in all, there’s something for everyone is ‘The Beast Must Die’; for fans of classic werewolf movies, and classic blaxploitation films.

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  1. Actually, there is another black werewolf film. It’s actually a terrible movie, but it does exist. it is called, BLOODZ VS WOLVEZ.

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